Fully Published Research

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Pekarcik, A. J., M. Lorentz, C. Scott Clem, A. Raudenbush, D. Held, K.
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Publications in review or revision

Capel, S.L.R., B.F. Allan, A. Favela, C. Scott Clem, S.K. Ooi, S.V. Herrera, L.J. Wilson, and L.R. Strickland. 2022. Education in the Anthropocene: Assessing planetary health science standards in US public education. (In review, The Lancet Planetary Health).

Clem, C. Scott, L. V. Hart, and T. C. McElrath. A century of Illinois hover flies (Diptera: Syrphidae): Museum and citizen science data reveal recent range expansions, contractions, and species of potential conservation significance. (In review, Journal of Insect Science).

Publications in draft or final stages of development

Tetlie, J. R., C. Scott Clem, and A. N. Harmon-Threatt. Evaluation of native bee nesting rates and beetle community assemblages in the presence of clothianidin in the soil of natural areas (in draft).

Clem, C. Scott, and T. C. McElrath. A simple roadmap for preparing faunistic inventories using natural history collections (in draft).