Service, Outreach, Teaching

Summary 2014-2022

Teaching assistant for 4 courses over 6 semesters
Co-leading UGA Agroecology Course
14 published Extension and Outreach Materials
Entomology for Gardener’s Course through UGA Botanical Gardens
Organized 73 insect-related public outreach and extension events, 282 hours total, reaching an estimated 10,000 people

Service, Outreach, Teaching

2020-2022: Peer Reviewer for seven journals: Ecological Applications, Restoration Ecology, Ecological Entomology, Insects, Agriculture, Applied Entomology, Journal of Applied Ecology, Insect Conservation and Diversity. Eight manuscripts total.

2023: Instructor: Entomology for Gardeners: Identifying & Understanding Common Backyard Arthropods (April 29, 2023; planned) – This is a course designed by me as part of the UGA Botanical Garden’s Plants & Pollinators series for the Native Plant Certification program aimed at local gardeners.

2022: Judge for Entomology Society of America Student Research Competition – National Meeting and Southeastern Branch Meetings

2022: Collaboration with the Georgia Botanical Gardens to develop outreach materials on beneficial predacious arthropods

2021: Judge for Entomology Society of America Annual Meeting Student Debates

2021: Earned University of Illinois Center for Innovation in Teaching and Learning Graduate Teaching Certificate – requirements: attend a multitude of teaching workshops, complete two semesters of graduate teaching, and assess student feedback.

2020-2021: President of Entomology Graduate Student’s Association (August 2020-May 2021) – organized and coordinated graduate students for the 2021 Virtual Insect Fear Film Festival

2018-2020: Outreach Coordinator for Entomology Graduate Student’s Association (August 2018-August 2020) – Elected position, coordinated numerous local outreach events and maintained the EGSA insectarium.

2019-2020: Insect Fear Film Festival Public Relations and Advertising Coordinator (January-February 2019-2020) – Conducted radio interviews, wrote press release and newspaper articles, and managed social media accounts for the 36th Annual Dept. Entomology Insect Fear Film Festival.

2017: Teaching Assistant, Introduction to Biology (IB150) – headed four hour-long discussion sessions; taught students basic biology topics and how to design research projects using the scientific method

2016: Teaching Assistant, Introduction to Animal Biology (IB104) – headed two laboratory sessions; first half of course was dedicated towards basic genetics, second half involved animal form and function

2016: Completed Graduate Academy for College Teaching – attended workshops and seminars designed to prepare students for collegiate teaching

2015: Teaching Assistant Auburn University Economic Entomology Class – Teach students how to identify important insects in agricultural, medical, and other fields.

2012, 2013, 2014: Teaching Assistant, Auburn University General Entomology Class –Organized and taught labs; topics included collecting and pinning techniques, arthropod identification, insect external and internal morphology, dichotomous keying, and family and order taxonomy.

Non-Refereed Extension and Outreach Materials

Clem, C. Scott. 2022. Flies in disguise: Meet the humble hover fly. Georgia Botanical Gardens display (near final draft).

Clem, C. Scott. 2022. Backyard predators: Learn to love them! Georgia Botanical Gardens display (near final draft).

Clem, C. Scott. 2022. A guide to common Syrphidae of Georgia. (near final draft).

Clem, C. Scott, K. Kesheimer, and D. W. Held. 2021. Outbreaks of the broad-headed bug Esperanza texana. Alabama Turf Times, Winter 2022 Issue.

Clem, C. Scott and A. Harmon-Threatt. March 2020. SARE Final Report: Understanding aphidophagous hover fly winter survival strategies in Midwest farmscapes to improve conservation biological control

Clem, C. Scott and J. Tetlie. February 2020. The wonderful world of crustaceans: the theme of the 37th annual Insect Fear Film Festival. Environmental Almanac, The News-Gazette.

Clem, C. Scott. August 2019. Identifying Fly Families. UIUC School of Integrative Biology Student Research Experience Blog Series.

Clem, C. Scott and J. Tetlie. February 2019. Termites are more than just pests. Environmental Almanac, The News-Gazette.

Clem, C. Scott. 2017. Insects: who are the good guys? A guide to common pest natural enemies. (extension handout and poster).

Clem, C. Scott and David Held. 2015. Can interactions between native and non-native plants in urban landscapes influence herbivore abundance and diversity?  SNA Research Conference Volume 60.

Clem, C. Scott, J.R. Golec, M. Burrows, A. Adesanya, O. Ajayi. 2014. Management Strategies- Solutions to Grand Challenges: Neonicotinoids are causing the death of bees essential for pollinating our food crops. The use of neonicotinoids should end. Entomological Society of America Student Debates 2014. American Entomologist, Summer 2014.

Clem, C. Scott and David Held. 2014. Native vs. nonnative Lepidoptera and Symphyta larval host records in the southeastern United States.  SNA Research Conference Volume 59.

Clem, C. Scott and David Held. 2014. Lepidoptera abundance in the southeastern suburban landscape: are fewer caterpillar species feeding on non-native ornamental plants?  91st Alabama Academy of Sciences: abstract.